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General points of interest:
I investigate the visual changes in morphological stages and mutations in nature. Growth stages evident in plants and the molting of exoskeletons in invertebrates are revisited points of interest. I build structures out of hand cut paper, plastic and metal that are celebrations of the complexities of natural forms. I display my creations like specimens or vivisections which the viewer can explore in three dimensions.


Geological Structures:
I am fascinated by the coincidences of structural elements in rock formations coming together, crossing paths and the juncture by which it happens. I am inspired by mineral intrusions, plant fossils, and structural patterns that minerals take on as they develope. Earth trapping life into what becomes a record and dendritic agates inspired me to work with plexiglas resin and cut paper in a layered way and to create my plastic diorama pieces. Layering and weaving my drawings and cut shapes allows me to create small abstract worlds which I orchestrate into order by trapping either with pins or between layers of plexiglass or resin. I look to the natural world for topical and microscopic evidence of plant growth patterns, processes of erosion, skeletal forms in animals and mineral molecular structures. I harvest this visual data to use as ingredients for my work.


BioMimicry between plants and animals:
In my recent "Paper Constructs" pieces, I have focused on the visual magic at work behind bio mimicry between plants and insects. I am inspired by the bio mimicry of flowers in their attempt to seduce bees and the visual similarities that exist between insects and plants, for example, orchids that look like bees in order to persuade them to spread their pollen and therefore spread their DNA. I am curious about what shapes and colors are visually similar and how I can combine visual elements from both plants and insects in my work to create insect/plant hybridized sculptures. I create assemblages that echo shapes and structures that cross the line between insects and plants, but are not literal representations. I build my pieces out of hand cut paper, plastic and metal reflecting the delicate, yet durable nature of plants and insects.


My work as a designer:
In addition to creating 2D and 3D works of art, I work full time as a designer creating hand forged jewelry and functional objects out of copper, brass, silver, steel and bronze. My designs are directly inspired by my explorations in my sculptures and drawings. I explore structural possibilities in my jewelry designs often inspired by architectural armatures as well as by nature. Creating small scale sculptures in the form of functional objects gives me the opportunity make a living off of my work and continue to grow my skills and explore ideas. I am hoping to merge my ideas explored in my paper sculptures with my skills in metal work to create larger scale metal sculptures that reflect my interest in the structures that exist in both nature and manmade constructions. (jamiespinello.etsy.com)

-Jamie Spinello