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jamie spinello jamie spinello jamie spinello jamie spinello
jamiespinello jamie spinello jamiespinello jamiespinello  
jamie spinello  
The above photo represents what some of my pieces look like deconstructed. The one above shown in particular was created with set parameters which enabled one single shape I started with to change slightly as I exposed it to my set of changes. Adding or cutting off parts as well as super imposing pieces to make new shapes were decisions that were made based on my set parameters for "growth". The result was a family of shapes that were different, but had a thread of continuity between them all. When they were assembled they formed the 3d figures above hanging on the black wall and the one on the right hanging on the white wall. All pieces were handcut from black contruction paper. Above constructed photos show the pieces simply hanging from one another, and then installed with two sewing pins, no adhesive. The idea was to construct new variations with the same shapes to create new sculptures.